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Problems: This kitchen was VERY white. White tile countertops, white cabinets, and white flooring. The tile countertops, clashing floor tiles in the same area (rustic saltillo and smooth white ceramic), old-fashioned built-n "appliance garage", and large fluorescent light box all worked against each other giving a busy and dated appearance.

Solutions: Remove the appliance garage to create more counter space and allow the new tops to be uninterrupted. Add recessed can lighting and an island chandelier, new wood floor to complement the existing saltillo tile, granite countertops, and full tile backsplash. We selected macadamia paint on the cabinets to compliment the existing wall and ceiling colors. In the adjacent living area the recessed ceiling, painted rosy-pink, and white crown were overwhelming . We used the wall color reduced with white, and painted out the crown molding as well. Result: The color enhances the architectural details and makes the room look more rich.