Monticello Park complete home make over - in progress.

Please check back, pictures coming soon.

This 85 year old home was a neglected and abused diamond in the rough. It has been a rare privilege, a pleasure, and a challenge to bring it back to it's former glory, as well as correct mistakes made in the original construction.  The roof leaked, resulting in rot. The siding and roof trim was rotted, resulting in gaps that allowed critters to set up home in  the attic space. Solution: Repair all roof rot. Replace old wood siding with cement-fiber siding. New roof. Replace rotted moldings and caulk everything tight so critters and bugs can't get in attic. Problem: Old 2x4 rafters were over-spanned and sagged. Fiberglass insulation batts were falling apart and soiled. Solution: Add 2x6 rafters next to old rafters. Remove old insulation. New Foam insulation  will be sprayed in the rafters and exterior walls in the attic. Problem: All of the bathroom plumbing leaked. In addition, 2 main support floor joists had been completely cut in two! Yes, it is true. Results: The floor in the hall dropped a dizzying 2 inches within  2 feet. The floor in the bath was collapsing and rot was everywhere in the floor and walls. Solution: Replace compromised floor joists with new joists, doubled and bolted together. Replace all rot with new wood. Problem: The floor joists were over-spanned at 16'. These folks back in 1935 put a lot of faith in the strength of the Old Pine, as they should, it is wonderful wood. But at 16', even strong wood will sag. It is no surprise the tile was cracked. Solution: New beam under bathroom floor, running 90 degrees to the floor joists to give them support mid-span. The new beam has a 6 inch wide by 9 feet long steel plate plinth, and is supported every 3 feet by steel legs in footings . This beam is strong enough to  support a train, and will ensure that the new tile stays intact. Problem: The kitchen was piece-meal with barely-functional old job-built cabinets and part Big Box cabinets with Formica countertops, a real insult to this classic home. Solution:  All new kitchen with custom cabinets built to reflect the look of the time period, with modern functionality, and Marble countertops. Basic floor plan problems: Behind a nice arch going into dining was a small door into kitchen. Kitchen was cut in half with a wall that had another nice arch in it. Solution: Add beam in attic and remove wall in kitchen. Re-use arch to open up where the small door had been, resulting in a nice open look. Bathroom will be all new custom cabinets and a full tile shower, wainscot, and tile floor. Design will evoke the '30's and Art Deco period. Additionally, we stripped the paint from the decorative cast metal posts on the porch, revealing the details and shine of the wonderful old cast aluminum. We convinced the client to leave it natural, and everyone loves it! Next we are adding an AC system, and all new plumbing and electrical.